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Jasmine has always been an over-achiever and go-getter. At age 23, she achieved her first million dollar mark in commissions. With over 17 years of experience in the field, she has become more than just a successful realtor — but a division leader, trainer, investor, mentor and business coach to many property agents. Whether you are a brand new agent or an experienced agent looking to restart your own real estate business, you need a committed mentor and a coach to help you in strategic business planning and guiding you in the right business direction that suits your current stage of life now. Bespoke mentorship is an ongoing process and is necessary for everyone who likes growth. Wait no further and pursue your personal goals by meeting Jasmine Chan now. 

Your learning experience is our priority.

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What Is Covered During The Seminar

7 Steps to Building a Sustainable Real Estate Business

1. Find a committed and responsible mentor who is willing to invest time in you. 
Not all experienced agents are recruiters. Not all recruiters are good leaders.  Not all leaders are good trainers. Not all trainers are good coaches. Not all coaches understand the real estate business models in different sectors. 
The key is to find an experienced agent who is a recruiter, leader, trainer, and business coach, and has mileage in different real estate sectors. And be willing to invest time into the agents. Because coaching an agent is no easy task.  
Hear from Jasmine, an experienced leader who has earned her millions, an ACTA certified trainer, a dedicated coach and mentor and focus on helping agents to build their own real estate business. 

2. Customise your Bespoke Business Plan 
The most important step to start your real estate business is to fully understand the nature of the business. 

Before we start a business, we must decide how much time we want to focus on this business, research on which sector we focus, who is our target audience, how do we reach out to our audience and what is the prospecting methods and consistency of prospecting. All Associates of Jasmine Chan Divisions are offered regular 1-to-1 mentoring sessions with our experienced Mentors to build their Bespoke Business Plan customised to suit each individual's timeline and budget.  

3. Decide which real estate sector do you want to specialise in 

Real estate business consists of various sectors: HDB, Private Residential, Leasing, Landed Residential, Commercial, Industrial Properties. Run through our checklist on how to select the right sector to start and which sector is more suitable for your Business Plan

4. Start your GTA 
Always start with a focused GTA - Geographical Target Area. Expand the GTA slowly to cover a larger area. Expand to more GTA locations as the business venture grows. A successful GTA can generate unlimited amounts of leads and closing through experience planning and execution. It is a must to work with a Division Mentor to start and execute the desired GTA with success. 

5. Work out a Personalised Prospecting Plan 
Prospecting is the key to a consistent inflow of leads. Consistent lead generation can be converted to closings. There are so many different kinds of prospecting methods. A good Bespoke Prospecting Plan must suit your budget, time and amount of commitment of each agent and fully customised to the type of sector that the agent specialises. An experienced Mentor can help craft this plan with you according to your needs. 

6. Attend Bespoke Specialised Training Programs 
When all Business plans are in place, you need good real estate knowledge to answer all those questions from your clients. From price analysis, different types of technical information of each Sector, Step by Step on how to secure an appointment from clients, how to perform an asset progression execution, procedures of leasings and sales. We have specialised training programs customised for you, both physically and virtually at 100% free.   

7. Learn on the job closely with your Division Mentor
We encourage all associates to go on the job learning and joint ventures with the Mentors. If you are still not confident in executing your presentation, consultations or viewings, fret not. Make an appointment with the Mentors to go on the job with you. Leveraging on the Mentors' unlimited knowledge and experience, a new agent will be able to learn and work faster under the supervision of the Mentors. Ultimately, building experience is the most important part of your real estate business. With a committed Mentor, an agent is able to avoid pitfalls and start earning on the business.

Who Is This Seminar For

Brand New RES agents 

Experienced agents who need realignment in your real estate business

What Can You Takeaway From The Seminar

Understand the real estate business model 

Dive into the portfolio of a Top Achiever and understand what really generate revenue for the achievers 

Customise a Bespoke Business Plan right away

 Explore the various real estate sectors

Your personal agenda 

Better time management

How to stay consistent on the job 

Understand what are the various prospecting plans 

Steps to Kickstart your GTA

Be able to have clear direction on how to build a sustainable real estate business

Important factors that contributes to the success of your business model 

Be on your way to start building the business

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