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Christopher Ng

Christopher Ng is a multiple Millionaire achiever, excellent leader and mentor to our agents, a patient father to 3 young children and a loving husband. Forgot to mention, an amazing cook! With more than 17 years of real estate experience, Christopher specialised in asset progression and portfolio restructuring for all sectors. Christopher's prior experience in Cushman & Wakefield allows him to conduct Commercial and Family Offices setup and consultations as well as Industrial Buildings sales and leasing. You can expect to receive a holistic and professional real estate advisory from all sectors of real estate in Singapore by meeting with Christopher Ng. 
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Roza Sure Bagus .jpg
Roza Sure Bagus
Meet Roza Sure Bagus. Roza is a celebrity veteran realtor in the real estate industry since 1998. She she is well versed in HDB and Private residential sales and leasing.  Widely interviewed in Radio & TV alike, she is dubbed as a Celebrity Property Agent. She was also a Property Columnist with Berita Harian, a Singapore National Malay newspaper. Roza Sure Bagus is also a branding guru and a mentor to many agents. 
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Cherine Cheong pink.jpg
Cherine Cheong
Cherine Cheong is a high flyer professional and an investor when she decided to pursue her passion in real estate. Her biggest motivation is to have the flexibility of time to care for her family and managing her own business at the same time. Since coming on board to Jasmine Chan Division, she has performed well and is an asset progression strategist.
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Faith Yee seated.JPG
Faith Yee
Faith is an experienced asset progression strategist, also well verved in serving expats and landlords for leasing properties. To explore more learning opportunities for her team, she joined Jasmine Chan Divison for the speciality programs for the agents. Faith is a passionate female leader and she is expanding her team. 
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Chris Ng KK
Chris Ng KK is a humble and patient agent and leader to all his clients and agents. Chris is well-versed in HDB, new launches, and private properties. He is also one of the agents with many positive testimonials from his clients, which shows that Chris always has his clients' interests in mind. With a never-give-up attitude, Chris is the go-to agent for all clients who wants good services.
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Perumal Das Closeup.JPG
Perumal Dasarathan
Perumal Das is a veteran in the real estate industry with more than 13 years of experience. He specialized in HDB resale, new launches, and private properties. Das comes from a humble background, is a super giver, and is a positive and happy leader in Orangetee. With Das around, there is never a dull moment. Das provides all his clients and agents with high-quality customer service and ensures that they are well taken care of under his care. Das regularly provides mentoring sessions to his agents and conduct review sessions to ensure a positive learning experience.
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Johnny Loy.jpg
Johnny Loy
Johnny Loy is a veteran in the real estate industry. With more than 30 years of experience as a real estate agent and leader, Johnny Loy is a leader who loves and cares for all his agents with a very big heart. In fact, Johnny is one of Jasmine's mentors who greatly influences the growth of the branch.
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Salina .JPG
Salina has been in the real estate business for over 10 years. She is well-versed in private residential sales and leasing and commercial shops, shophouses and office leasing. Salina is passionate and very detailed in her work. If you are looking for a new launch or a resale property to buy and wanted a hassle-free viewing schedule, Salina is the agent to go to. Trained in service excellence and asset progression and always willing to share, Salina is the perfect mentor to speak to.
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Rekael Das.JPG
Rekael Das
A natural and patient agent to her clients, Rekael Das is an asset progression strategist and an attentive agent to the needs of her clients. She is a naturally happy and positive person and her ability to solve all the clients' problems calmly is her forte. Rekael Das and D Anil Das works as a husband and wife team and is looking forward to expanding her team.
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Jasmine Chan.JPG
Jasmine Chan
Jasmine Chan is in the real estate industry for more than 17 years. Jasmine has a great passion for real estate and understands the importance of customer service. Jasmine specializes in Asset Progression and customizes bespoke strategies that suits each client's life stage. She is a She is an ACTA certified trainer, a property investor, leader, mentor and a business coach to the division and committed to customizing all the agents' business plans and grooming a division of like-minded agents to achieve personal breakthroughs in their real estate career. 
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Chason Chan .JPG
Chason Chan
Meet Chason. Chason specialized in Projects sales and purchase for the last 17 years. Chason is a veteran and is well verved in new launches and private resales. He has successfully assisted families to transform their lives by owning private properties and new launches that they didn't think they can afford to.  
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Karen Oh Seated.JPG
Karen Oh
Karen Oh is a veteran in the real estate industry for more than 20 years. She is a super patient leader to all her associates. Karen is well-versed in both hdb and private properties sector.

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Lawrence Goh
Lawrence Goh is an investor turned property agent. He started property investing years ago and has experienced several real estate cycles. Lawrence is an asset progression strategist who is focused on adding value to all his customers. He understands the needs of all her customers and customizes his services according to the clients' property. Lawrence is well-versed in the management of family properties and investment portfolios of high-net-worth clients.
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Bernice Oh standing .JPG
Bernice Oh
Bernice Oh is a veteran in the real estate industry.  She specialised in expats leasing, residential sales and commercial retails and has more than 10 years of property management for owners. Bernice focuses on clients' experiences and ensures that all the properties under her care received attention and are well taken care of. From venting of tenancy agreements to defects checks and handing over to handling minor repairs over the whole tenancy period, Sherlyn is that agent that every owner needs. In Jasmine Chan Division, Bernice learnt to customize investment plans to help her clients conduct the sale of properties with strategic position planning.
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Arivan 2.JPG
Arivan is a veteran realtor and investor. He specialized in new launches, Commercial Shophouses FnB, Retail, Offices, Hotels and Industrial Buildings. has a strong background in commercial properties. With vast experience and a powerful negotiator, Arivan is a natural business man in business advisory, portfolio restructure for home owners and investors.
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Patrick Tan.jpg
Patrick Tan
Patrick Tan is a veteran and a specialist in the Landed Property sector. With more than 30 years of real estate experience, Patrick is a leader who really knows his stuff. You will be amazed at his knowledge of the landed property sector. Excellent person to work with.
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Andy Ho.JPG
Andy Ho
Andy Ho is a real estate veteran who is filled with a great passion for real estate investment. He understands the importance of every customer is unique in their own circumstances and a cookie-cutter solution will not fit everyone. He specializes in curating a property acquisition roadmap exclusively for each of her customers. He strongly believes in a smart property goal is the essential start of a journey of elevating your financial position to a greater height. Everyone is empowered to scale up!
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