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Asset Progression Mastery 3-day

🎯 Grow your Biz with Asset Progression Mastery! 

Open to all realtors
📅 Date: Apr 26, 29 & 30, 2024
👩‍🏫 Trainer: Jasmine Chan (Real Estate Mentor & Business Coach | ACTA-Certified Trainer)
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Build a long-term business by transforming your business approach! “Asset Progression Mastery” is aimed at empowering you with skills to customise and execute bespoke asset progression plans with your clients!


Our trainer, Jasmine Chan, has been trusted by clients to maximise their portfolios for years. Jasmine brings her personal success into the classroom, teaching you how to think like an investor and execute growth strategies. Interactive and fast-paced, get to practise real-world scenarios, preparing you to apply these strategies in your business!


Key Benefits:
•    2 CPD Generic Credits
•    Exclusive Mentorship: get a 1-to-1 session upon completion
•    Certification - Asset Progression Strategist
•    Community Access - join a network of investors and strategists

Limited seats - secure your spot❗

Come attend our Free Preview on 9 Apr 3-5pm.

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Testimonial from Agent May Yew, 17 years in real estate business, attended Asset Progression in May 2023, achieved Top 20% of ERA 2023. 

Please share with me your thoughts for 

1. How is the trainer, Jasmine Chan? 

She is professional and yet personal on a one-to-one level, she is always there for me.

2. How important is understanding Asset Progression to your real estate business? 

As an agent, it is important to be able to understand all the options available to customers after selling their property is crucial to gaining their trust for you, and to have the ability to craft a customised plan with the client. 

3. Give 1 example of how you applied the knowledge of Asset Progression to help your clients? 

I helped Max, a mid-age client to plan out his financial executed an asset progression plan with him to sell a 2-room flat and buy a 3 room flat without touching his savings and yet he achieves his ideal retirement plan of having an extra room for rental income in future. The knowledge I learnt from Jasmine has helped me greatly in giving the best advice for my clients, help them make informed decisions that is most suitable for them at their current life stage. 

4. Share your own personal asset progression journey. 

I had fully paid my condo because in the early days, I bought a landed and condo at the same time. Now is the exiting strategy with surplus cash parking on the side to look for bargain buys. 

5. Will you recommend new and experience agent to attend Asset Progression Mastery to boost and elevate their real estate knowledge?

Yes, everyone has their personal asset journey and with the equip of asset progression mastery, everyone can put this into good use. It is very important to understand the concepts of asset progression and all possible options available as early as possible as that everyone can make the best decisions to aid themselves in asset planning for themselves and the family.

Testimonial from Agent Priscilla Chen, Graduate from NUS Real Estate, Property Investor, attended Asset Progression in May 2023.

1. Jasmine is incredibly professional; her teachings are very practical. She is also very helpful, guiding me along the way after the class. 

2. Understanding Asset Progression is crucial for real estate business as it empowers agents to guide clients in optimizing their property investments for maximum returns; as well to service clients better. 

3. One example of applying Asset Progression knowledge: I contacted a friend on the day attending Jasmine's asset progression class, after few months follow up, I managed to get the friend upgrade from HDB to a private penthouse. They are extremely happy.  

4. Personally, I am applying the lesson from  the asset progression to my own properties.  In the midst of adjust the portfolio to meet my family needs. 

5. Absolutely, I highly recommend both new and experienced agents to attend Asset Progression Mastery for a significant boost in their real estate business.

Testimonial by Rekael Das, Brand NEW RES, achieved Agency Top 20% within 9 months in business

1. Jasmine expertise and passion for asset progression shines through her teachings. Her insightful strategies and industry knowledge make her an outstanding trainer who inspires and empowers real estate professionals.

2. Understanding asset progression is crucial to staying ahead in the competitive real estate industry. It provides a roadmap for maximizing returns, growing portfolios, and ensuring long-term success in the market.

3. Applying the knowledge of asset progression, I guided a client in strategically upgrading their property to unlock its full potential. By leveraging market trends and financial analysis, we successfully executed a seamless transition that significantly increased their property value.

4. Without a doubt, I highly recommend both new and experienced agents to attend Asset Progression Mastery. The invaluable insights gained from the program will not only boost their expertise but also elevate their real estate knowledge, ultimately leading to greater success and client satisfaction.

5. Attending Asset Progression Mastery with Jasmine is a transformative experience that equips real estate professionals with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in today's dynamic market.

Lenny Tan.jpeg

Testimonial by Lenny Tan, Asset Progression Strategist, signed 14 exclusives within 1.5 months of attending Asset progression Mastery

1. Jasmine's approach as a trainer is highly professional and deeply insightful. Her ability to distill complex concepts into practical strategies sets her apart. Her dedication to our growth as agents was evident throughout the Asset Progression Mastery course.

2. Understanding Asset Progression has become a cornerstone of my real estate business. It's not just about transactions; it's about strategically leveraging properties to maximize returns for clients. This knowledge has empowered me to offer comprehensive solutions and build long-term relationships.

3. Recently, a client approached me with a dilemma regarding their existing property and aspirations for future investments. Drawing on the principles learned from Asset Progression, I crafted a tailored plan that not only addressed their immediate concerns but also positioned them for future growth. The client was thrilled with the outcome, reinforcing the value of this approach.

4. Without hesitation, I would recommend the Asset Progression Mastery course to both new and experienced agents. Regardless of one's tenure in the industry, there's always room to deepen understanding and refine strategies. Jasmine's course offers invaluable insights that can truly elevate any real estate professional's practice.

Testimonial by Sumiah B, Real Estate Veteran, Producer

1. How is the trainer Jasmine Chan? 
Jasmine is a good trainer, she trains  agents who joined her with well prepared training materials, she is a good mentor, when I have some issues that need a good advice, she will respond with a solution, at short notice.

2. How important is understanding Asset Progression to your real estate business? 
To share with clients, during their productive working age, that they are able to enhance their net worth by divesting their properties at appropriate time to enable right sizing according to their family needs for residence and the extra  sales proceed to pay down for an investment properties, over a period of time, both properties are fully paid, hence their networth in their properties. Compare the net worth of the clients if they did not take action towards asset progression, their future net worth will not be enhanced.

3. Give 1 example of how you applied the knowledge of Asset Progression to help your clients? 

Helped a young couple to sell their 4 rooms HDB at Bedok Central at $770,000 2 years ago, the wife solely bought a condo at The Optima and put it on rent &  they are buying a condo in the hubby's name by 2024 for their residence as their saving almost sufficient to put down a deposit for their 2nd family property, currently they live with the husband's parents house.

4. Share your own personal asset progression journey. 
As my husband was nearing retirement age, we sold our condominium & bought a resale HDB flat fully paid. We plan to rent it out in a few years time to retire in our property in a neighbouring country and use the rental income for our upkeeps.

5. Will you recommend new and experience agent to attend Asset Progression Mastery to boost and elevate their real estate knowledge?
Yes, it is a good thing to acquire knowledge to share with clients who are financially able to benefit from such progression. It is also important to note that asset progression need not be restricted to real estate only. Other asset class ought to be considered too where over long period, the value will be able to hedge against future inflation like gold.

Testimonial by Janine Lim, 15 years in real estate.​

1. Jasmine Chan is a professional and very experienced asset progression strategist who's filled with great passion and knowledge for real estate. She is a mentor, giving one to one mentorship to new real estate agents as well as to experienced agents on building a sustainable real estate business for themselves.


2. Through her training, I have learnt how to restructure my clients’ portfolio and create the most suitable property investments for them. I am able to help my clients in detailed planning and managing their property portfolio according to their age, profile, income and needs.


3. A great example was one of my client’s family who were in their early 40s that has expanded over the years. They have thought of selling their 5 rooms flat to upgrade their family of 5 to an Maisonette in Tampines. After in depth discussions, I encouraged them to consider a new launch in Tampines instead of Maisonette in Tampines that were generally 35 years or older. Their dual stable incomes can well afford a four bedrooms in Treasure @ Tampines, it is a lifestyle upgrade and the potential for future capital gains. Upon collection of their keys, they have made a paper gain of $350k. I am glad they took my recommendation!


4. My own asset progression journey on an investment property has also reaped a 50% return on my unit through a combination of good rental income and significant capital gains.


5. Jasmine’s Asset Progression Mastery class is an exclusive opportunity to equip the new and experienced agents to excel in the competitive real estate market. With Jasmine’s guidance, you can elevate your expertise and stay ahead of the game!

Testimonial by Bonnie Power Tan, ex-banker, Property Investor, passionate about real estate, Asset Progression Strategist

1. How is the trainer Jasmine Chan? Jasmine is a very dedicated and experienced Asset Progression Strategist. She is very hands on and gives clear real life examples to help understanding of the subject matter. 

2. How important is understanding Asset Progression to your real estate business? 
It’s very important for those who wish to build wealth through properties and understand how different asset classes are more suited for different group of people. 

3. Give 1 example of how you applied the knowledge of Asset Progression to help your clients? A client who sold their condo is looking to buy another condo for investment. However when I introduced buying another condo and a commercial property, he was rather interested and he has never thought of that before. I learnt to offer various options to my clients and constantly impress my clients with my asset progression knowledge. 

4. Share your own personal asset progression journey. 
First bought a one bedroom condo from a developer $380k. Sold at $600k in 3 years time. 
Also bought a commercial shop for $180k in 2007, today it’s valued at $800k. With the sales proceeds from my first condo sales, and cash out loan from the commercial property I bought a 3 bedroom Freehold condo at Paya Lebar for $1.4m in 2011, currently it is valued at $2.8M. I also invested properties in China, Malaysia, UK and Australia before. 

5. Will you recommend new and experience agent to attend Asset Progression Mastery to boost and elevate their real estate knowledge? Yes definitely.

Testimonial for Asset Progression Mastery by Lawrence Goh.

1. Trainer Jasmine Chan is an expertise on asset progression strategies, her teaching is practical.

2. Mastering asset progression is important for real estate salespeople as it provides value to client into maximizing property options and leveraging market trends.

3. With the knowledge of asset progression learned from Jasmine, I guided many clients in upgrading from their HDB flat to a larger private property for own stay and for some into own stay unit and another investment units for passive income and retirement savings.

4. My personal asset progression journey has been rewarding… from a 4 beds condo into a dream landed house. It only possible thru the power of leveraging. 

5. I strongly recommend all agents to attend Asset Progression with Jasmine Chan to enhance their real estate knowledge know how to add value to their clients.

Testimonial for Asset Progression Mastery by Jen Lee.

1. How is the trainer Jasmine Chan? 

Jasmine is a very knowledgeable mentor and committed leader. She is able to meet us at our different levels and provide the guidance we need to navigate our real estate challenges.

2. How important is understanding Asset Progression to your real estate business?

To me, Asset Progression forms the basic property roadmap for people, especially in Singapore where home ownership is emphasised. Owning a home and knowing how to make the right decisions at the right time allows us to adjust the property we live in to suit our life stage, and helps us move towards a fruitful retirement.

3. Give 1 example of how you applied the knowledge of Asset Progression to help your clients?

My most memorable experience is for my personal client Ms Pauline Teo, a seasoned investor, I assisted her to build cashflow from creating a co-living concept for an older private condo. With its space, we managed to craft out 6 bedrooms and lease them to professionals and created a consistent cashflow of more than x% rental yield. I have recently helped her to cash out the property and now we are on the lookout of the next opportunity in real estate investing.

4. Please share your own personal asset progression journey.

I sold my 5-rm HDB upon meeting MOP and bought a resale EC in OCR and have gained over 250k paper gains within 1 year. This is the passive income we want running for us in the background while we work actively, and I hope to help more people around me achieve this too.
5. Will you recommend new and experience agent to attend Asset Progression Mastery to boost and elevate their real estate knowledge?

Definitely! Learning is a lifelong journey, and I believe even experienced agents can benefit from listening to new strategies and angles, so that we can provide more value to the people we meet.

Testimonial for Asset Progression Mastery by Valery Sim.

1. I first encounter Jasmine through her FB ads. Decided to join her team and enrol into her asset progression mastery course. I was very glad I joined the right trainer because the entire course was very detailed with real life examples that we encounter in our daily interactions with our clients. Jasmine manage to answer all of our questions for all aspects of Sell and Buy and including timeline management. She is very sincere and conscientious trainer who nvr lack any details in training.

2. Understanding asset progression is very important for my business because I encounter different clients at different age groups with very different needs. Some are young buyers who worry not enough cash for HDB resale. Some are middle age upgraders who worry their salary cannot afford to upgrade to private resi. And lastly downgraders who wish to work with me to secure possible high cash profits when they sell private resi. I aspire to help all my clients to achieve their dream home and potential cash profits.

3. One of my most recent client whom I assisted to right size from private residential to another smaller housing and reinvest cash profits into a new launch - they are extremely happy with my asset progression advises as I gave them 5 options to choose. Eventually after sell and re investing, they still have spare cash to invest into fixed deposit with recent high interest rates. They were really glad that I not only helped them to cash out from property but also advise investment into latest hot new launch and even fixed deposit!

4. I like to share my own personal asset progression:  where I embarked on this journey as a Co investor, in my late 20s, into a private new launch in 2005. I invested as a first mover advantage, into a new launch in marina area. Eventually cashed out my capital in 5 years and reinvest into resale Condo near Lavender MRT. Subsequently cashed out again in 3 years and had to split matrimonial assets due to acrimonious divorce. Without the early stage of such co-investment, my ex and I wouldn't be able to fully pay our next housing separately. My personal advise to all young buyers do start investing as early as you can. This is made easier and possible  because of the age and ability to leverage on loans. I am continuously learning and looking out for more opportunities in real estate and so should everyone.  

To conclude, when situations arise, to right size and to restructure portfolios are importance aspects of asset progression! 

5. I recommend all experienced and new agents to attend Asset progression course with Jasmine Chan because it really benefited me in giving best advises to all clients from different age groups and most importantly not over leverage themselves. This course also allow you to be equipped with timeline management too.

Benefits of Property Asset Progression Know-how. Testimonial for Jasmine by Andy Ho

1. I attended Jasmine’s training on Property Asset Progression previously and straight off, I would recommend everyone to do the same; regardless of you are new in the business or if you are an experienced agent.

2. Today’s marketplace requires us to have the knowledge and skillsets to properly guide and empower our clients who wish to achieve certain goals through property investing; goals like planning for retirement income, legacy planning for family and children for their future, to diversify and enhance their property holdings, to grow wealth and maximise returns, or simply to reposition or resize to the right home.  


3. The course will help equip agents to work with clients more confidently and precisely, based on their needs, choices, timeframe and resources, to achieve optimum results seamlessly, as it did for a couple of my clients not too long ago: 

4. Case 1: Assisting a couple living in a 4 room HDB to progress to a private condominium in a choice location. This entailed marketing the then existing flat for sale and sourcing for the right apartment to move to, back-to-back, for the right price and timeframe, without any delays or hiccups.


5. Case 2: Maximising returns on a property by owner J through rent and sale of the property and using the returns to invest in another new project for further returns down the road.


6. Jasmine shares content, knowledge and skills from years of real-life work experience, freely and passionately, in the manner she does and is well-gifted in. The property business keeps evolving and agents need to keep upgrading their skills to meet customers’ needs. Learn and onboard skills to wealth building using property asset progression with Jasmine if you wish to be a valuable and indispensable agent to your clients.

Testimonial for Jasmine by Chris Ng KK
April 2024

1. Jasmine is an excellent trainer, combining theory with practical, on-the-ground knowledge.

2. Asset Progression is what you learn from a real-life practitioner who has tested, learned, and applied the process to improve one's life. This prepares you to get ahead and counter inflation. "Invest in real estate and eat inflation for lunch."

3. Asset progression applies differently at different stages. With the knowledge gained, I have helped retirees sitting on a large EA transition to a smaller property. They will have enough cash for retirement and less maintenance and upkeep on a smaller property.

4. I upgraded from HDB to an EC, took profit on the EC after MOP, and moved on to a private property under a single name. I have another free name to purchase an investment property.

5. Most definitely yes. Everyone will benefit from this, and with the knowledge learned, one will be able to plan properly and upgrade their current real estate portfolio. It elevates you to the next level with your client when you can walk the talk.

Testimonial by Real Estate Veteran Wendelyn Lee:


1. Joining the JASMINE CHAN Division has been an 'ideal dream' come true eventually for me.


2. Jasmine and Christopher's leadership is truly inspiring, setting a shining example for all of us to follow.


3. Both of you possess a rare combination of vision, strength, and empathy, making you both great leaders and remarkable mentors.


4. The culture of your dedication to helping others grow and succeed is truly commendable.


5. Kudos to you both, who have also set up a division filled with great leaders who are also sharing the spirit of ‘we rise by raising others‘.

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