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Experienced Agents

Welcome to our team of experienced real estate agents! 🎉 We are thrilled to have you on board and look forward to achieving great success together in the dynamic world of real estate. Your expertise and skills will undoubtedly contribute to our team's continued growth and prosperity. Here's to a fruitful and rewarding journey ahead!





(*T&C Applies. Valid till 20 March 2024. Depending on your income proof for the past 12 months)


SAVE 2024 & 2025 CEA License Fees 

SAVE 2024 & 2025 ERA Work Kit & Indemnity Insurance 

PLUS up to $3,000 Penalty Subsidy!

You can now grow your team exponentially in ERA and be rewarded with immediate cash incentives together with the incoming teammates.


Be rewarded with cash and empowered to grow your team with us!


Step 1: Let's Have A Private Non-Obligated Discussion

Our main objective is to improve the quality of your work. We hope to achieve this by first understanding your current nature of work and then providing a comprehensive solution for you. We will also be presenting to you a range of opportunities and possibilities with ERA.


Here are The 9 Most Compelling Reasons Why Agents Are Joining ERA.


  1. Brand new ERA building at Toa Payoh for associates.

  2. A strong, recognisable and reputable international brand.

  3. A full-fledged in-house dedicated 100+ staff and strong office support. i.e Legal, IT, HR, Accounts, Marketing, Training Rooms, Associate office room, VIP lounge, E-submission, etc.

  4. A huge portfolio of New Local & International Project Sales opportunity.

  5. Proven team building strategies, team systems and career progression for team leaders.

  6. Most number of in-house systematic trainings programs in the industry.

  7. Strong and supportive company culture with high level of competition standards inspiring growth.

  8. The Largest International Real Estate Agency in Singapore listed on SGX main-board.

  9. Fastest commission pay-out to associates in 5 working days.


ERA is home for the elites. To be a true elite, be part of our elite circle.


It's important to hear from your mentor the thrills and opportunities with ERA . You might get yourself some valuable tips on our business as well. Book a non-obligated career advancement session with Jasmine Chan today.

Step 2: ERA Registration


Please submit your new application to ERA online via, select referral by 'Jasmine Chan JM R014718H'

1. Please do ensure no CPF Medisave outstanding liabilities (GIRO facility will be sufficient) before registration (Click here to check)

2. Please do ensure no outstanding CPD Points before registration (Click here to check)

Step 3: Login CEA Website To Initiate Switch of Estate Agency


1. Log into CEA website via your SingPass account.

2. Click on RES management > Switching > RES initiation


3. Select New EA: ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd and click Submit

Your existing estate agency will be notified and have to support your switching request. (Usually 2 to 5 days depending on existing agency)

Step 4: CEA Registration


Once your existing EA has supported your switching request, ERA HR will notify you to complete CEA registration. CEA approval will take 2 to 3 weeks. 

While waiting for the CEA license approval with ERA, you are still able to practice real estate. (No Lapse Time)


Only upon the approval with ERA, you are require to return the ID tag to your existing agency. ERA will incept your license immediately after.

You are now ready to start your exciting new career path with us!

Congratulations & Welcome to ERA Preeminent Group Jasmine Chan Division #OneERA family!

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