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Chris Ng KK

Chris Ng KK is a humble and patient agent and leader to all his clients and agents. Chris is well-versed in HDB, new launches, and private properties. He is also one of the agents with many positive testimonials from his clients, which shows that Chris always has his clients' interests in mind. With a never-give-up attitude, Chris is the go-to agent for all clients who wants good services.


Emerald Award (May, 2021)

8 Critical Factors for Successful Landed Property Sales

(Course, 2021)

Market Outlook H2 2021 and Beyond - Emerging Trends that Impact Sales and Shape Future Demand.

(Course, 2021)

Know the Inside-out of HDB Properties Transactions

(Course, 2021)

Augment Your Capabilities in OTP and S&P (Course, 2021)


Bespoke Testimonials for Jasmine Chan

Bespoke Testimonials for Jasmine Chan

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