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Making an impact on women in real estate

Jasmine Chan was promoted to leading her own division, after having successfully transacted an average to 100 to 160 property deals every year from 2016 to 2021

Jasmine Chan, Senior Executive Group Division Director, believes in empowering her clients and associates through bespoke solutions and business plans

When realtor Jasmine Chan is not busy with her clients or associates, she attends to her three children, the youngest being just 18 months old. From changing diapers, telling bedtime stories or just being there for them, she balances her multiple roles as a professional realtor, a dedicated mentor and a mother brilliantly.

Jasmine Chan brilliantly juggles her responsibilities as a mother and as a realtor

A leader, mentor and Business coach with 17 years experience in real estate, Jasmine Chan is focused on empowering others. ''My goal is to help others kickstart their own property investment journey, while empowering other property agents, especially women, to achieve their personal breakthrough. There are very few female leaders in the industry and i want to be there for the ladies out there. We women relate to each other, we know and understand the multiple responsibilities that we have to shoulder,'' says Jasmine Chan.

At just 36, Jasmine Chan leads a team of about 100 property agents and makes it a point to be personally involved in everyone's progress through a bespoke business plan and regular mentorship sessions. As trainer with an Advanced Certification in Training and Assessment (ACTA), Jasmine Chan develops specialised training programmes and coaches her agents on how to kickstart, restart and build their real estate business. She shares that her team member's achievements are the main driving force behind her passion.

Jasmine Chan leads a team of about 100 property agents and makes it a point to be personally involved in everyone's progress

Perhaps, this is her way of giving back to society, having achieved success after a difficult journey.

Back in 2000, Jasmine Chan's family were affected by dotcom bubble. Her father, who was a businessman, was forced to shut his business. She recalls this traumatizing past vividly, as this was when her once well-todo family plunged into debt. From being a carefree student, she had to find employment with barely any work experience. At a young age of 17 years old, she took up freelance assignments as a model, dancer and make-up artist, and improved her skills as she gained more experience on the job.

All these efforts were for her family, as all her hard-earned income went to supporting them. Thankfully, her efforts paid off and by the time she was 21, Jasmine Chan's family was debt-free and she graduated with a diploma in Electrical Engineering.

Jasmine Chan is a passionate mentor and business coach.

Jasmine Chan didn't stop there - she couldn't. She knew that she was destined for more. And having developed entrepreneurial skillsets as a freelancer, she then chose to enter the real estate industry. She advanced quickly in her first two years under the guidance of her mentors. At the tender age of 23, she amassed her first $1 million pot of gold, which she used to invest in properties. To date, she has invested in five residential properties in Singapore and has even ventured into new markets such as Cambodia. She shares that her dual experience as an investor and an agent allows her to craft better bespoke solutions for her clients. She also consistently topped the achiever charts in her previous agency.

Among other accomplishments, she was the champion lister from 2016 to 2021. This means that she has successfully transacted an average of 100 to 160 property deals every year over the last six years.

In recognition of her efforts, Jasmine Chan was promoted to lead her own division in January 2021, becoming the youngest division head in the company. Just one year into her new role, she has grown her team by 500%. She attributes this growth to the support provided by the company.

Jasmine Chan in a photo with Marge Christy Ho, whom she has groomed to be a leader of the next generation.

When asked what her biggest achievement is so far in her career, Jasmine Chan recalls when Ms Ho, a realtor from another company, came to join her team. Before joining the real estate industry, Ho had a high-flying job as a banker, but she left that life for a job that was more flexible to be able to take care of her mother. Before meeting Jasmine Chan, Ho was in her previous agency for three years and her income was stagnant.

After joining Jasmine Chan's team about a year ago, Ho managed to gain some 800% in her income, compared to her previous company. This was all thanks to Jasmine Chan's perseverance and patience to create a customized work plan for Ho and to coach her towards success.

A major turning point in Jasmine Chan's life was the arrival of her daughter in 2017, when she suddenly found herself in a new role as a mother. At first, Jasmine Chan, as a fresh mother, refused to give up her career for motherhood and was bringing her newborn baby with her to her appointments. As she went on to have two more children in 2019 and 2020, she decided to change her business model to achieve a balance between being a mother and active employment.

Jasmine Chan has coached several successful female agents who has mid-career changes from all walks of life

''I have restructured my business to focus on prospecting and meeting clients for consultations. I leave the marketing, viewings and closings to my team, and form partnerships to share and close the deals. This has freed up some of my time spent in the whole process of real estate marketing, and my agents can learn on the job, '' she says.

Jasmine Chan adds: ''I have over 16 years of experience in this industry. My agents can leverage my experience and client's testimonials to help them secure new clients. I'm committed to invest time in my agents and whenever needed, i will sit in for their presentation to help them secure the property to sell.''

Jasmine Chan's new focus is on mentoring and training, as she finds it fulfilling to help others feed their family. Her passion for coaching is fueled when she sees her fellow agents becoming more successful in life and be equipped with the ability to bring the bacon home.

When asked what makes a great real estate agent, Jasmine Chan says: ''Customise solutions to your customer's needs, which always comes first. Every customer is different, so you should create a bespoke asset progression plan or investment plan for each customer. Put commission aside, because things will fall into place when you do the right thing.''

''While many get tempted to splurge on a fancy lifestyle, I advise agents to be careful of lifestyle inflation - where you spend more because you are earning more. You have to make sure you set aside enough for tough times as well as for retirement in the future.'' advises Jasmine Chan, who recalls how the ''circuit breaker'' period saw several real estate agents give up and switch careers.

With that, Jasmine Chan wishes for a future that is sustainable and a win-win for everyone. ''The decisions I make in life, whether for family or work, are to ensure sustainability. In this self-employed business, my goal is to help women who want to start investing in property, and women who are looking for a career with a flexible schedule.''

The way Jasmine Chan sees it, being a realtor is the perfect career for a woman to feel empowered and take charge of their own finances. This job not only allows for flexibility to spend time with family, but it is also rewarding. Chan has managed to help several women push ahead with a career in the real estate industry, as over 80% of her team members are women.

''I continue to keep up my mentoring role and build a team of successful agents while keeping a well-balanced life between work and my family. Every woman's success should be an inspiration to another. We're strongest when we cheer each other on. There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish,'' Jasmine Chan asserts.

For more information, please contact: Jasmine Chan

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